Studio Location:

10505 Sorrento Valley Rd
San Diego, CA  92121
United States
Suite 100. 

Directions to find studio: Follow the first set of stairs you see from the parking lot to a set of double glass doors. We are on the first level. Walk through the lobby of the building through to the courtyard where you will see plants, a fountain, and seating. The studio is immediately on your right, suite 100. There is a small hallway inside the front door where you can wait for your student during your lesson, however the studio recommends waiting in the open air courtyard area immediately outside the studio Incase others are walking through the studio hallway. It is a small suite with only two studios inside, so there should be very little crowding or traffic with other students. 


Students in private lessons gain opportunities to perform with the San Diego Coastal Flutes flute choir. Private lessons can include audition prep for other performance ensembles and orchestras.


Families have the option to enroll their student in the Music Teacher's Association of California Certificate of Merit Program. As a member of the San Diego Branch I am happy to coach students through this program.


I offer my students at least 1 recital opportunity per semester, during the fall semester a flute choir recital, and spring semester a solo recital. Students have other opportunities throughout the year to participate in festivals and competitions.


Musicianship is important to my teaching style. As a singer and pianist I am constantly incorporating ear training, rhythm work, and theory into my student's lessons. 

Marshall Studio Policy '21

Please download a copy of my studio policy linked here. Information on COVID procedures, online lessons, lesson rate, etc.